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Guy Kurlandski


Guy was brought up in London and attended school there. He started working for Aviv Plastics Limited, a PVC manufacturer and commercial printer while studying business administration at the Open University, Regents College Facility, London. He continued to work at Aviv Plastics Limited, as a company director, and eventually Chairman until 2008.

In addition to his career at Aviv Plastics Limited, Guy has been involved in several successful entrepreneurial endeavors, including a household products supplier, advertisement company, art gallery, and fashion consulting business that created the Epoca line of clothing for the giant Japanese retailer, three women swear brands among others. These examples show Guy’s wide spectrum of ability across a multitude of industries; his primary focus is to deliver a profitable business to his partners and himself, a trait of a true entrepreneur. Moving to the USA in 2008, Guy became President of TER Prints (USA) Inc., a large cold and heat set printing company, with daily newspaper printing and distribution contracts. Presently, Guy is the principal of a printing business, Print Management LLC, owner of a hard money lending business, SETASI LLC and partner in a video game retail business, PlaynTrade, and was involved in several real estate developments. He is also partner to USA Today International, the European & Asian printed versions of USA Today newspaper.

Guy is also involved in dozens of real estate transactions in the UK, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and the USA over the last 20 years through Augusto Partners and Aviv House Partnership, each a real estate developer and investment company. Examples of real estate transactions include the conversion of several large Victorian buildings in Kings Cross, London, into modern living lateral apartments and the rebuilding and development of a London mews house that once belonged to Sean Connery. He has set numerous record prices per square foot in various London postal codes over his career. He has been involved in the development of over one thousand properties during his career.

Guy is a family man and devoted husband with two wonderful girls. He looks forward to helping you with you choice of home and looks forward to being your neighbor as he is a lot owner at KLOR.