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Eduardo Barandiaran

Founder and COO

Born in Miami, Eddie attended high school and later Miami Dade Community College studying communications. Soon after completing college he joined Motorola, thirty years ago. His primary function was in sales and during this time he was the top producer for Motorola in Florida, for over a decade he was given The Galvan Masters Award. Eddie assisted in the creation of Motorola Cellular division in Chile SA., but not wishing to uproot his family declined a permanent position there as there president of sales

Eddie established All South Medical Clinic in South Miami, which he operated for eight years, whilst enjoyable and lucrative after eight years it was sold.

Eddie’s passion is photography and he is a published photographer and cinematographer, both in magazines and television.

Eddie has a realtor license and has bought and sold numerous properties for both clients and his own developments, which include a condominium conversion in Miami Beach. He’s long awaited endeavor has been with Oceanview Seven and has been pursuing a development of single-family vacation homes, which is finally now under development with the infrastructure down in Key Largo.

Eddie is a family man and devoted husband with three wonderful boys. He looks forward to helping you with you choice of home and looks forward to being your neighbor as he is a lot owner at KLOR.